The Answers You Need To Plan Your Visit


Do I need a reservation?

Reservations are not required for PUBLIC PLAY. During our public play hours, anyone is welcome. When we are on Private Play hours, reservations are required for your group to rent out our space privately.

What does the "all access" pass include?

Our all aceess pass is good for admission to the sandpit, the splash room, and the sensory gym.

Is there an age limit for open play?

We do not have an age limit, however our environment is tailored to kids ages 1-10.

What should my child wear?

Be prepared for your kiddo to get a little messy! Clean socks are required for the sensory gym (we have socks for sale if yours get too dirty or if you forget a pair). We also suggest bringing an extra shirt or outfit to change into after playing.

Will you have the same hours each week?

We TRY to keep our open play hours fairly consistent. However, due to private bookings, field trips and camps, hours can change a bit. We always recommend checking our weekly schedule out on Facebook or Instagram, or text "Sandlot" to 855-261-0702 to have a schedule delivered right to your mobile device!

How many kids do you allow for birthday parties?

Our birthday party packages are priced for 10 children. You may add additional children for a small fee.

Can we bring our own food or drinks?

We do allow you to bring in food, however food is not allowed in any of the play areas. There is also an amazing coffee shop on site that offers kid friendly snacks and smoothies!

How do you clean your facilty?

Each play space it's own cleaning protocol. In the sand pit, toys are washed and sanitized in a bleach solution. The sand is also sprayed down with a bleach solution and raked and rinsed with clean water. 

The splash room has flowing chlorinated water in it, but as an added precaution the tables are completely drained each week for further cleaning.

Besides regular cleaning and sanitation in the sensory gym, all toys are on a revolving shift schedule where used toys are replaced with fresh clean toys to allow for proper sanitation. Not only is this a way to keep toys clean, it also keeps it exciting for children to continually see new items to play with.