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It is a happy talent to know how to play.

Toddler Task Tuesdays

Your baby is growing up- what an exciting time! Our toddler class is designed to encourage each child's growing need for independence while working on growth, exploration and socialization.

This class is designed for children 18 -24 months. The class will meet Tuesday mornings from 8:45-9:45am. During that time children will be encouraged to play and explore as well as gather for circle time and directed activities. We will work on age appropriate learning challenges like language development. Working on transitioning from signing to the beginning stages of language skills and speaking! One of the biggest assets to this class is helping your child's continue to develop their socialization skills. Encouraging social interaction, friendship and learning experiences through group play and activities will help your child continue to blossom as they grow.  


Each session's tuition will include a Toddler Task Tub, with items that we will use throughout our classes. Each session, students will find tangible items such as hand held mirrors, washable paint markers, water pens, blocks, shakers and more! These tubs and items will belong to each individual student. The benefit of this is, a little more germ control (after all this is the age everything goes into the mouth) AND, the student will get to take home their items at the end of the session. Everything we learn and work on during thost 5 weeks can be done at home, with the equipment and supplies in their tubs!


*Parents/Guardians will remain present during this class*

Cost is $75/5 Week Session

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