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It is a happy talent to know how to play.

Intro to Preschool

Intro to Preschool (LEVEL 2)

Tuesday & Thursdays 10:00-11:45am


Is your child ready to explore some independence? With so many physical and social milestones to achieve in a short period of time, our next level in our preschool program  encourages children to learn through play and exploration-independently! This class is for ages mid 2’s and early 3’s! Classes will be held Tuesday and Thursdays during the 2023 school year from 10:00-11:45am. 


This groups will have joint play and exploration time, but will divide when it comes time for classroom work. Our 2’s will work on age appropriate activities and lessons in the main space, while our 3’s retreat to the classroom for some additional challenges. Class time will include learning through centers such as: language and reading, math, fine motor skills, art, dramatic play and sensory exploration. 


This group we shine a light on independent focus and choices. Children are now ready to begin to learn skills like hand washing, zipping/unzipping a jacket, putting on socks and shoes, sharing and putting away toys. We will dive into self-help skills that will set them up for success during their future early learning years.


  • Being potty trained is not required to join this class.

  • Parents will drop off during this class. Drop off may begin at 9:50am and pick up will be at 11:45am.


Tuition is $130/month includes all supplies, a snack, and a Sandlot Membership for play outside of our class time!

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