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Our Story

A space for kids, designed by kids.

"But, Mom? Why can't we have a sandbox inside so we can play all year long?"

And just like that, The Sandlot was born.

We were longing for a play space to contain everything that a kid would love, so we went straight to the source and let some pretty creative kids design a space for other kids to get creative in. A place designed for kids, by kids!

As parents we take our kids to a lot of places and say, "Don't touch!", "Don't touch that!", "Put that down!" But not here! At The Sandlot, everything is made for touching. Sift, squeeze, dig, climb, swing, slide, splash...

Ignite their senses!

About Us

Our space is made up of 4 different "zones".

1. The Sandpit. The only indoor sandpit you will find through out the United States with over 16 tons of sand!

2. Physical Play. Sensory play using our bodies! Swings and climbing and so much more!

3. Imaginary Play. Pretend play structures and props to ignite all the sensory play.

4. Splash Room. Two water tables with running water make this room perfect for some splish-splashing!

What else sets us apart? We create themes for our zones and change them out to keep it fresh and fun for everyone walking through our door!

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